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Integrated Decommissioning Enabler & Assurance System (IDEAS)

Illustration of Decommissioning Phases from IDEAS


Illustration - System Index

OR&A Ltd. has agreed to collaborate with IW-Decom Ltd. to develop a Decommissioning Assurance System and tools using the same cloud based platform as the OR&A Solution.

Combining the secure internet access, structure and functionality of the OR&A Solution means that a client company can confidently plan, monitor and manage the decommissioning process for one or more of their assets with confidence, using the tools from OR&A and the decommissioning expertise of IW-Decom Ltd.

The system breaks down the decommissioning process of into a number of suitably titled 'phases' which reflect the key activity which occurs in that phase.

From here, the detailed Work Breakdown Structure (as shown on the adjacent illustration) comprises a number of Subjects that must be addressed, segregated into appropriate Groups.

Informative and context relative hyperlinks to supporting documents in an on-line reference library in the form of web pages.

Each of the subject hyperlinks in the work breakdown structure or 'System Index' leads to a Delivery Map which displays the activities required to complete the process as a sequence under the relevant phase of the decommissioning process.

Illustration - Delivery Map


The current guidance on decommissioning, provided by the Offshore Decommissioning Unit (ODU) of Department of Environment and Climate Change shows a slightly different approach, preferring to concentrate on the regulatory and compliance approach and the need to obtain the necessary permissions prior to any start of decommissioning activity.

This approach divides this activity into 5 stages which overlap the phases used in the IDEAS, more because of the importance of this process to the legislation, rather than ignoring the actual work involved in decommissioning.


The Integrated Decommissioning Enabler & Assurance System (IDEAS), comprises a website and an integrated relational database application which allows users to deploy, monitor and manage the decommissioning of one or more assets.


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