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Flawless Projects
The OR&A Solution includes Flawless Project Initiatives (FPI) as a core component, but until now, restricted that content to assurance of the deployment of Flawless on a project.

Due to a great deal of demand for more detail, OR&A Ltd. has developed a new tool which has been named the Flaw, Issue & Risk Synthesis Tool (FIRST).

FIRST is intended for use by the teams involved in deploying the Flawless Project Initiatives (FPI) process on a project and provides them with a rigorous process, clear guidance and the capability to monitor and manage FPI.

The tool and the accompanying documentation is used to provide users with everything needed to deploy the FPI process on a project:

  • Identify Flaws & Issues

  • Create Flaw Records

  • Create a Flaw Register

  • Evaluate and Rank Flaws

  • Select Q-Areas

  • Apply KPI to Flaws

  • Manage and monitor Flaws and Issues

  • Perform frequent Health Checks

The tool also includes a sophisticated dashboard from which the condition of every Flaw identified on a project can be directly monitored and managed.

Automated alarms warn users if the recommended Flawless checks are overdue or if a regular Health Check is missed.


FIRST - Flaws Wave Chart

Flaws and Lessons
The Lessons Learned System that forms an integral part of the OR&A Solution contains a large number of Flaws from previous projects which are used to begin the process of identifying the identifiable Flaws on any new project.

Flaws are categorised by Q-Area to make the search and retrieval process as easy as possible.



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