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Operations Readiness

Operations Readiness is the process of preparing the custodians of an asset under construction (and the supporting organisation) such that, at the point of delivery and handover, the Asset Organisation is fully prepared to assume ownership of the asset, accepts responsibility for, (and is capable of), performing the safe and efficient operation of that asset in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


Assurance, in respect of OR&A, is about assuring the stakeholders of a project that it is capable of achieving ‘Ready to Operate’ status at the point of handover from the Project team.

The target outcomes of the process are therefore the continuous 'real-time' indication of progress towards, and the achievement of, that ‘Ready to Operate’ status ...

Deploying Operations Readiness in a Project means addressing three key areas, as illustrated below:

The three key areas of the OR&A process leading to 'Ready to Operate' Status

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