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OR&A Lessons Learned Management System

LLMS Functionality
OR&A Ltd. has recently developed a new and innovative Lessons Learned Management System (LLMS) which allows subscribers to the OR&A Solution to create, download, import, validate, manage, search, select, export and assign Lessons Learned.

Lessons Learned Management System

The flowchart above illustrates the structure of the system, the origin of lessons, how they are validated and categorised and how they are made available to users.

Lessons identified in the OR&A Solution, either as potential lessons or lessons exported to a project, are tracked by the OR&A Solution software. Lessons can be assigned and 'Action Party' and the status of each lesson is indicated on an LLMS dashboard widget in the relevant project.


Management of Lessons Learned
The Lessons Learned Management System is accessed from the Project & Audit Selection screen by clicking on the 'View Lessons Learned' button.

Select & Review Lessons Screen
Lessons can be reviewed and selected from the Review & Select screen which offers the user the ability to apply one or more filters to the Lessons Learned Database or to enter text into the search bar to identify appropriate lessons for review. Navigation through the functions of the Lessons Learned System is achieved using the tabs across the top of the page.

Select & Review Lessons Screen

After the filters are applied, the remaining 'Applicable Lessons' can be viewed by clicking the 'View Lessons' button. Selected lessons can then be sorted, uploaded to a specific project or exported in a number of formats.

Lessons can also be input for validation or imported from a current project using the 'Import' tab.

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