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OR&A / IDEAS Lessons Learned System

Review Lessons Screen
On the 'Review Lessons Learned Screen' users are able to review the lessons which they have identified as applicable to their project by applying one or more filters to the Lessons Learned Database.

Lessons Learned Management System - Review Lessons Screen

Using the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons, the user can toggle through the applicable lessons and review the content to confirm that they are applicable to their project. Unwanted lessons can be deleted using the 'Remove' button.



Export Lessons Screen
Selected Lessons can be exported in a range of hard copy formats using the 'Export to File' button or can be uploaded to a new (or active) project from the 'Export Lessons' Screen using the 'Export to Project' button.

Lessons Learned Management System - Export Lessons Screen

When the user wishes to upload a lesson to a specific project, the 'Export to Project' button is used and this opens a dialog box in which a list of projects appears.

The applicable destination project can be selected (subject to the appropriate user permissions) and the system populates the appropriate 'Peer Advice' note in the relevant activity of the OR&A system.


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