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Latest Developments for OR&A Ltd.

OR&A / IDEAS Lessons Learned System

The OR&A Solution innovative Lessons Learned System which allows users to manage Lessons Learned is now integrated into the OR&A Solution and is accessible to all users.

The lessons repository, which contains over 1,500 lessons collected by OR&A Ltd. from hundreds of projects over some 20 years, is validated, categorised and classified and can be easily searched using the unique interface.

The system allows users to upload new Potential Lessons directly from a current project in the OR&A Solution (or to add a lesson manually using a simple data entry screen).

These new Potential Lessons lessons are then validated before they are added to the Lessons Learned Database from which they can be reviewed, filtered, sorted, managed, selected and retrieved.

Lessons which are identified for use can then be uploaded into a specific project where they are automatically assigned to the appropriate OR&A/IDEAS activity to ensure they are made available to the user at the appropriate point in the project.

Lessons can also be output in PDF, Word or Excel formats.

See more about the Lessons Learned System here .................. LESSONS

Operations Readiness & Assurance (OR&A)

- A Guide for Practitioners

Covering the theory and concept of OR&A, this book explains how an Operations Readiness capability could be created in a typical company, how to create the supporting information and how to implement OR&A on a project.

Much of the content dispels the various myths, legends  and misconceptions surrounding OR&A, in order to encourage a standardised approach for the benefit of clients and practitioners alike.

The book also contains an explanation of how to identify, develop and implement Lessons Learned, how to recognise and promote Best Practices and several other key components leading to developing a world class OR&A Solution.

To buy the book now, just click on the image to be taken directly to the publisher's website where you can buy with most forms of payment.

    ISBN: 978-1-4716-0802-5


Flaws, Issues & Risks Synthesis Tool (FIRST)

Another 'FIRST' from OR&A Ltd., a fully functional tool for managing flaws, issues and risks identified during the projects or from lessons learned (using the lessons learned management system, or entered manually).

The interactive screens and dashboard displays in FIRST enable the user to navigate easily through the system and to record, monitor and manage Flaws in a consistent and robust manner.

Flaws can be easily evaluated and ranked to facilitate the selection of Q-Areas for attention which are then monitored by the tool.

The system generates the necessary reports and output required to keep the Project Team informed.

OR&A Solution

  • OR&A Solution recognised by Lloyds Register of Energy as an 'Industry Best Practice';

  • OR&A Ltd. is ISO9001:2008 accredited;

  • OR&A e-Learning was developed with guidance from City & Guilds of London.

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