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OR&A Solution

The OR&A Solution is a secure, one stop solution for implementing OR&A on a Project. The OR&A Solution can be 'up and running' for any project in a matter of minutes. As soon as a subscription is activated, user access is provided for an agreed number of users to log in to a dedicated and secure version of ORDITA, the entire OR&A Solution and e-Learning services.  


The OR&A Solution comprises:

  • An advanced OR&A Assurance Tool 'ORDITA' used to:

    • Generate a detailed OR&A Plan for the entire Project;

    • See an instant summary of OR&A progress;

    • Monitor OR&A progress;

    • Record comments;

    • Identify and record potential lessons;

    • Apply context specific Peer Advice;

    • Generate instant progress reviews;

    • Generate a range of detailed pre-formatted reports;

  • A structured internet site that guides users through every step of implementing OR&A on a Project;

  • The OR&A e-Learning system which provides users with lesson plans and revision quizzes to learn about OR&A, then take exams and earn certificates of achievement in the OR&A discipline;

  • A system of Competence Based Assessment of OR&A Practitioners with a familiar achievement scale (similar to the Six Sigma belt system) to further demonstrate prior learning, skills and experience.

  • Access to over 1,000 pages of information to guide even the most inexperienced OR&A Practitioner through the process of implementing OR&A on a project.

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