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Access to the OR&A Solution

Access to the OR&A Solution is provided as a subscription service to a client Company for a specific Project. Subscriptions can be arranged by contacting OR&A Ltd. directly using the details on the 'Contact Us' page.

The subscription costs are deliberately set at a realistic level, less than half the cost of employing a Senior, Experienced and Qualified OR&A Lead Engineer on a Project.

There are no retainer fees or joining fees and prospective users can be offered a 'Try Before You Buy' option so they can test the system before making any financial commitment.

A subscription includes full access to the OR&A Solution for an unlimited number of named users, each with a unique secure two factor log-in to the system giving them full access to the following services:

  • Secure access to a dedicated ORDITA version for their assigned Project, where only other users on that Project have access to that same tool;

  • Access to the entire OR&A Solution explaining all about OR&A and how to apply it on a Project;

  • Full access to all six levels of the e-Learning zone where users can study for accreditation in OR&A with achievement award certificates;

  • Access to the e-Learning version of ORDITA which allows users to enter data and see the effects and functionality of the system as if they were using it on a real Project;

Note: When using the OR&A Solution, users can only see the project(s) to which they are assigned, other users are invisible to them, as they are to other users.

Registered users can access the OR&A Solution directly from the 'OR&A Solution Login' button below to go to the OR&A Solution login screen.

Enter the username and password supplied by OR&A Ltd. and then at the prompt, enter three letters from the memorable word (also supplied by OR&A Ltd.) to enter the site.

OR&A Solution Login

After logging in for the first time, users will be prompted to change their password and memorable word to one of their choice, to satisfy the site security policy.

For more details on access, please contact OR&A Ltd. by any of the methods listed on the 'Contact Us' page.

Internet Security
The OR&A Solution is hosted on a secure 'Managed Private Cloud' protected by internet security to ISO 27001 standards.

Login to the system is by 'Two Factor Authentication' to ensure access is fully secure and that all subsequent communication to and from the OR&A Solution is encrypted to industry standards.

Users have the option to upload a passport photo, but is only used to validate certificates generated by the e-Learning System (to prevent fraud) and this can be uploaded at any time from the 'My Account' page.

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